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Must be 18+
Must have good customer relations
Must be highly skilled in the chosen profession
Must have no criminal record
Must have a guarantor to attest to your good conduct
Your guarantor must be a senior Civil Servant or a business Owner
Must possess a voter card or National ID card.
Must pass through our verification process
Your verification process is completed when your guarantor responds to an email that will be sent to him.

Service Providers Guidelines

1. All our service providers undergo periodic trainings to enhance their personal and career development.
2. Register for only the category of your skill
3. Payment is made to our service providers bank details after customers’ job satisfaction is obtained.
4. Service Providers are not permitted to work privately for our customers or receive cash payment from them.
5. Service providers with low job rating will be delisted from the platform.
6. Service providers are required to be courteous, respectful and patient with customers. No unwholesome behavior is accepted.
7. Service providers are not allowed to sublet any part of assigned task without the consent of Glonetal Interiors.
8. If a customer is not satisfied with the job done by a service provider and through the company’s intervention the customers satisfaction is still not realized, the company can reassign the task to another service provider and the former will only receive the fee in excess of what the latter charged.
9. Glonetal Interiors charges 15% commission on all jobs given to service providers

Work Process

1. Visit our customer’s site
2. Do the tasks assessment and costing
3. Write down the agreed tasks and scope of work and send to Glonetal Interiors with the customer having a copy.
3. As soon as customer pays Glonetal Interiors, Service Provider gets down to work with the scope of work as a guide
4. After work execution, Service Provider leaves the site after client has expressed satisfaction of the work done.

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We strive to execute the best piece of work for all our clients and consolidate each client’s needs and project requirement into a form that imbues elegance and good taste.
We offer a wide array of dedicated interior design, decorating and construction services for Residence, Commercial, Corporate, and Hospitality as well as home services that handle your entire home service needs

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